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Inadvance, a diversified team

Nowadays, talking about gender equality should be normal and not an exception. There are still many barriers and lack of opportunities for women in the work and personal environment. We live in a technological era and of surprising advances that, on the contrary, have not come to equate the conditions and above all, the weight of women in 21st century society.

From Inadvance, a consultancy that develops internationalization projects and legal-legal services between Spain and Italy, we live this situation from amazement. Astonishment in not guessing the virtues and benefits that bring to companies the availability of human teams with different cultures, nationalities, ages and, above all, gender, where each of them brings a different vision, capacities and results. Far from writing an article that talks about differences between people of different sexes, we would like to talk about the contribution that our human team has in the company.

Within the capacities of each individual, for us our colleagues bring freshness, method, strategic vision ... a series of key aspects that leads us to be able to offer our clients solid strategies that report better results.

Whether it is an agri-food project, textile, software ... the way to buy or perceive a product or service by a female customer is different from a man. The woman by nature is more methodical, more rational, more detailed while the male buyer is fixed or gives more attention to other attributes or endows them with a different specific weight in the purchase decision.

That's why when we do a strategy brainstorming in our projects, ideas arise that have the double vision and that aim to give added value to our clients to ensure the achievement of objectives.

To finish, we want to thank the women of our team for their daily contribution and the rest of them for their contribution to society.

Noticia femenino Inadvance