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New customer Inadvance: La Gergaleña

La Gergaleña is a Spanish company with a long history in the development of quality craft products, some of them organic and with author recipes that gives them a plus of creativity.

 It has a wide variety of products such as

  • Gergaleña EnglishMarmalade
  • Tomatoes
  • Jams
  • Rafpacho
  • Mousses

The gergaleña is governed by three main principles: the development of safe and high-quality products, combining traditional cooking methods with innovative techniques and finally putting value on traditional cuisine and promoting local development.

Thanks to these principles and techniques, as well as the investment in new tools (R + D + I), the Gergaleña has managed to make its way in the national market constituting a large community of customers.

Inadvance, through the teams in Spain and Italy and their specific knowledge of the market in question, is setting up a personalized commercial agenda through a specific strategy where the most attractive channels for La Gergaleña and those products within the offer that better accessibility should find in Italy by differentiation, competition, prices ... Therefore it is an analytical consulting work, preparation of agenda and accompaniment-negotiation in destination.