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Call for proposal for the reinforcement of the 9 Lombardia’s Technological Clusters

Lombardia Region wants to promote the innovation ecosystem  through the recognition of Lombardia’s Regional Technological Cluster (CTL), supporting  the creation and implementation of aggregations between the different entities in the field of research and innovation on its territory (such as firms, universities, research centers, public and private institutions and other financial entities). Such aggregations, equipped with a governance model of coordination and management, and focused on a specific technological scope, are asked to actively participate in the realization of innovative processes contributing to the Lombardia’s competitiveness on national and international level.
In this way in 2014, through specific regional decrees, have been recognized 9 Lombardia’s Technological Clusters in the following technological areas: Agrifood, Aerospace, green Chemistry, Energy, intelligent Factory, Mobility, Sciences of the life, Technologies for smart communities, Technologies for environments of life.

The call for proposal for the reinforcement of the Lombardia’s Technological Clusters falls in this framework and is aimed to support development measures for the 9 Lombardia’s Technological Clusters that are recognized in the specific technological areas above-mentioned  (and that, at the moment of the application submission have legal personality, and have their headquarters in Lombardia when the financial assistance is provided), to let them become an enabling environment for the innovation and competitiveness’ development of the Lombardia’s territory.


This call for proposal has a financial aid of € 1.000.000,00 and it foresees the granting of non-repayable assistances equal to the 50% of the eligible costs in aid of the Technological Clusters which are officially recognized by the Lombardia Region. The minimum investment for the Consolidation Plans admissible for each single CTL may not be lower than € 40.000,00 and the granted financial aid may not  exceed €  100.000,00 for single cluster.

The eligible costs for the aids for the CTL’s activities, specified in the Consolidation Plans submitted by the CTLs, are employees and administrative expenses (general expenses included) concerning:

  • CTL’s entertainment activity aimed to encourage the collaboration, sharing of information and supply of specialized and customized services in support of the enterprises;
  • CTL’s marketing activity aimed to promote new enterprises or organisms’ participation and to increase the visibility of the CTL itself;
  • CTL’s infrastructures management;
  • organization of training programs, seminars and conferences promoting the sharing of knowledges, networks and transnational cooperation.

The projects assets should aim to strengthen the Clusters Organization in the following areas:

1. level of development
2. financial sustainability
3. research and innovation
4. inclination to internationalization (intended as international cooperation)
5. governance
6. communication

The Consolidation Plans may also foresee the possibility to develop "inter-cluster" projects.

Applications can be submitted starting from 12.00 p.m. of 3/11/2016 untill 12.00 p.m. of  1/12/2016 through the SiAge system.

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