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During the last years the Spanish entrepreneurial system has grown significantly and it turned to be an attractive pole for manies international entrepreneurs. Universities, research centers, business schools leader in the world, together with an increasing number of highly qualified human capital and the possibility to obtain both public and private financings have created the suitable conditions for developing innovative projects and new start-ups in Spain.

Regarding that  ICEX-Invest in Spain has launched a new call for proposal "RISING START UP SPAIN" addressed to all the entrepreneurs and foreign start-ups that want to contribute to promote the entrepreneurial activity in Spain with an innovative project with the aim to contribute to strengthen and internationalise the entrepreneurial system in Spain.


The program lasts for six months starting from the date of the project’s starting and incubation and offers the possibility to have:

  • Support and help for obtaining  visas and residence permit;
  • A free space in the cities of Madrid and Barcellona;
  • A direct financing not reimbursable for the starting expenses of a maximum of € 10.000 for every beneficiary;
  • Specific advisory supporting the process of financing;
  • Other basic services for supporting entrepreneurs.

In order to be eligible for this initiative the foreign start-ups established in Spain must have the following requisites:
a) At least the 10% of the capital of the established start-up must be hold by a foreign physical or juridical person, or by a Spanish physical person but not resident;
b) The Start-up must be established or under establishment when the financing is granted. In the case in which the company has already been established in Spain, it will be eligible only if not established from more than one year.
The financing is equal to a maximum of € 10.000 for enterprise and in order to be eligible it is necessary to make a minimum expense of € 25.000  in the starting period  from the moment when the financing is granted until the end of the six months period of the project’s incubation process.

The expense must also include at least two of the following voices: Expenses for the start-up establishment; Purchase and renting of technological and industrial equipments; Expenses for employees; Acquisition of licenses and trade marks registration; Technological advisory; Expenses for advertising and trips for attending events related to the enterprise’s activity.

Applications to participate can be submitted starting from August 17th untill September  30th 2016.

Do you have an innovative project, do you want to establish your startup in Spain? Catch this opportunity, contact us!

Inadvance, with its professionals  team can help you! We are the perfect partner to support all the enterprises wishing  to have access to this type of call for tenders since we offer a specific assistance service for funds’ research, identification and management, and thanks to our direct offices in Madrid and Milan we are the perfect contact point between Spain and Italy!

For further information write us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.