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The enterprises that want to face global market and world competition need to arrange a continuous research for innovation, that is because process and product’s innovation are the only real element that can guarantee the enterprise’s success on the global market. Today the future of European economy is widely entrusted to the enterprises’ability of making innovation and the talent of political authorities to promote it through adequate proposals and political and economic programs.

To such intention Lombardia Region last 14th of July  approved the call for tender "Research and Innovation 2016 - Measures A, B and C" in order to promote the  innovation process of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Lombardia and support them  in the participation to the Horizon 2020 programs. The aim is to bring closer the enterprises to the technological development topics, pursuing at the same time the goals of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Lombardia Region for Research.


In more details the call for tender  foresees a total assignement  of € 2,95 ML of which € 1,45 ML  by Lombardia Region and addressed to the enterprises with registered offices in one of the Lombardia’s provinces and 1,5 ML € by the Chamber of commerce in Milan, only addressed  to the enterprises with registered office in Milan’s province. It will be possible to apply starting from 14.30p.m. of September 6 th 2016 up to 12.00p.m. of September 27 th 2016 only for measures A (under measure A1) and B; while untill  12.00p.m. of October 27th 2016 for  measures A (under measure A2) and C.
This action is part of the Programme Agreement with the Chamber of Commerce System and funds, through the use of straight grants in fixed measure (voucher), three different types of technological innovation measures with the aim to:

  • Stimulate the creation and development of new and innovative digital technologies (Measure A);
  • Promote the adoption of digital technologies in collaboration with research Centers (Measure B);
  • Support the proposals that have obtained the "Seal of excellence" in the first phase "Tool for the SMEs" within the framework of Horizon 2020 Program and therefore to sustain the applications to the following second phase (Measure C).

There are two types of dispensed financial help:     
• For measures A and B a straight grants in fixed amount (voucher) for a minimum expected investment covering the expenses incurred (net of VAT) for the realization of the actions as drafted in each single measures’s form;
• For measure C a a fixed straight grant (based on fixed share on the realization of result) allowed to the enterprise that has participated in the phase 1 of the measure "Horizon 2020-tool for the SMEs", that has passed the technical evaluation, but is not funded by the EU because of funds depletion.

Are you an enterprise from a Lombardia’s province wishing to seize this opportunity? Contact us!

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