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Last May in Buenos during the Italy-Argentina Business meeting Mauricio Macri, the Argentinian president, met Ivan Scalfarotto, the Italian undersecretary for Economic Development and International Trade, whom on this occasion stated that the Italian Government is well-intentioned to build a strategic partership with the Latin-American Country, recently dealing with a deep reforming process, and to resume negotiations for the free exchange EU-Mercosur agreement.

Agro-industry, automotive, infrastructures, energy and green technologies are the main fields on which the meeting was focused on, together with some specific initiatives in research and educational field and partnerships in the aerospace industry. It is about all fields in which the Italian excellence can certainly bring with its competitiveness a meaningful contribution to the Argentina development perspectives and so for this reason the Italian enterprises should start considering the idea of making an investment in this Country.

So why choose Argentina as a partnership Country?


Argentina is one of the places where the possibility of investment is stable and concrete, there is a strong need of infrastructures development , a regional market, raw materials abundance, and local industry  is diversified.
Furthermore the positive data of last year trend confirm the profitability of choosing this territory as a trade partner for the exchanges: in fact the exchange rate between Italy and Argentina for 2015 scored a light increase in our exports went from  € 1.032,58 millions in 2014 to € 1.065,17 millions in 2015.

Italy is in the top 10 Argentina’s suppliers, mainly exporting  cars, electric material and devices, chemicals and similars, base metal and transporting materials, holding in 2015 a share of 2,5% of the overall of Argentina’s imports (a stable percentage for many years now), whereas regarding the Argentinian export toward our Country it dropped (€ 854,6 millions in 2015 vs. € 882,5 millions in 2014). Nevertheless we can certainly say that the overall volume of the Exchange rate between the two Countries has substantially recorded for Italy a positive balance equal to €210,57 millions in 2015 vs. €150 millions in 2014, therefore remaining stable  than in the past.